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They can be….

WARNING: CHOKING HAZARD – Children under 8 years old can choke or suffocate on un-inflated or broken balloons. Adult supervision is required.

Keep un-inflated balloons from children.

Discard broken balloons at once.

Also, never inhale Helium as this can cause suffocation, serious injury or death.

HI-FLOAT balloon treatment is a solution of a plastic material dissolved in water. It forms a coating inside latex balloons that greatly reduces helium or air loss and extends its float time. For example, an 11 inch latex balloon floats 8-10 hours. With Ultra High Float the float time is extended to 1-2 weeks.


No, since we no longer have a storefront, we are not able to fill your balloons.

Latex is made from rubber. It’s organic, made from the sap of rubber trees collected through an absolutely harmless tapping process very similar to that used for collecting the maple sap used for making syrup. It breaks down when exposed to the elements of nature, degrading at the rate of an oak leaf (about 6 months).


Foil balloons (also known as Mylar balloons) – are coated plastic and are not biodegradable.


Bubble Balloons are neither latex nor foil. They are made of plastic. They are durable, never oxidize, and are non-allergenic, but not biodegradable.

The Balloon Factory does not support balloon releases.

Balloon releases are another way of littering. We are working to educate on the importance of not releasing balloons into the environment and the correct use and disposal of balloons. When using helium inflated balloons, always make sure they are weighted down to prevent them from being inadvertently released.

Order confirmation emails may be delayed as a result of high order volume. Please contact our customer service team info@theballoonfactory.com if you have not received your confirmation email after 24 hours of your purchase.

INDOOR – Many air filled balloon designs can last weeks indoors! The longevity of the balloons will depend on the environmental conditions of the space. All of our helium balloons will float for at least 3 days if indoors, but typically much longer!

OUTDOOR – We cannot guarantee that balloons will last any specific amount of time when used outdoor. The sun, heat, wind, rain, etc., affects the lifespan of the balloons.

We are very active in our community and would be happy to hear all about your cause. Just tell us all about it and we’ll be happy to help in any way we can. Request A Donation

A foil balloon can easily be refilled as it does not get tied or sealed. A latex balloon usually gets tied at the neck so can not be refilled unless a ribbon valve is used.

If you have any additional questions or want more information, contact us here.