Our Story

A story by an Inspiring Inspiring Balloon

The most beautiful stories when a dream come true, and our dream began after a long misery, in every occasion it pass by, and we don’t find who understands us or the product that simulates our taste. And from here our story began in the year 2015 in the search for the Foil Balloon and in Arabic.. we understand each other.

Our dream grew and became like a balloon, and at the end of 2016, we built the source of happiness and the big smile The Balloon Factory to be the first factory of its kind in the region. In the beginning of 2018, we started drawing the smile on the faces of our beloved ones with the launch of the factory, from the land of opportunities Saudi Arabia, to be the main factory for producing the foil balloon in the region.


Together we create happiness, and we rise to embrace the sky, we inspire and be Inspired, to share with you the most beautiful and happiest moments.